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Dana Weston is a Novant Health employee who has taken our mission to help our communities get better and stay healthy to heart…and extended it to her own family. When Dana learned that her mom, Del, had been diagnosed with dangerously high glucose levels (indicating a potential diabetes diagnosis), she leapt into action, moving her mom from St. Louis  to Charlotte, N.C. so that they could tackle this condition together during a 30-day “boot camp” designed by Dana. And now she’s sharing their journey with all of us. Using the insights that she has gained as a Novant Health employee, along with the input and advice of our physicians, wellness coaches and diabetes navigators, Dana is helping her mom reclaim her health and her life.

By jh0264 on 11/28/2013
We all have things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
By jh0264 on 11/27/2013

My mom prepares to continue her journey in St. Louis.

By jh0264 on 11/26/2013
Mom and I sit down with a Novant Health family physician.
By jh0264 on 11/21/2013
The latest results from weeks two and three of our journey.
By jh0264 on 11/21/2013
My mom writes a break-up letter to her former self.
By jh0264 on 11/18/2013
A new normal for my mom. When you know better, you do better.
By jh0264 on 11/13/2013
Figuring out what motivates you will help keep you going when the going gets tough.
By jh0264 on 11/12/2013
A night at the gym becomes a bit more exciting than we bargained for...
By jh0264 on 11/8/2013
The highly anticipated results of my mom’s first weigh-in!
By jh0264 on 11/6/2013

My mom and I are hitting the gym twice a day to get her heart rate up, burn calories, build muscle… and discuss fabric softener for gym towels.

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Re: It’s not you, it’s me
Extremely powerful letter with a lot of heart put into it! Amazing progress only a few short weeks and I'm sure this is only the beginning from the words from your letter. Congrats Del!

Re: Time to fly
Congratulations!! You are armed with information and resources and also have a success story worth sharing! What an inspiration! Keep flying high!