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Dana Weston is a Novant Health employee who has taken our mission to help our communities get better and stay healthy to heart…and extended it to her own family. When Dana learned that her mom, Del, had been diagnosed with dangerously high glucose levels (indicating a potential diabetes diagnosis), she leapt into action, moving her mom from St. Louis  to Charlotte, N.C. so that they could tackle this condition together during a 30-day “boot camp” designed by Dana. And now she’s sharing their journey with all of us. Using the insights that she has gained as a Novant Health employee, along with the input and advice of our physicians, wellness coaches and diabetes navigators, Dana is helping her mom reclaim her health and her life.

Paramedics and the gym

Nov 12

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11/12/2013  RssIcon

A few days ago, we went to the YMCA for our afternoon workout. On the schedule was 10 minutes of treadmill walking followed by resistance training for the lower body. My mom looked great! Her body has truly responded well to the diet changes and exercise. She had energy, stamina and a great attitude. Then along came the hamstring curl machine.

It was the last exercise of the evening. Mom knocked out two sets of 10 reps (with a bit of prodding from me, as she was not really a fan of that machine).  Following the last set, she said that she felt a bit dizzy and sat down on a neighboring machine. What happened from here can only be described as a fiasco.

Mom faints.

Dana yells for help.

Gym members come running.

Mom wakes up and says she is fine.

Mom faints again.

Dana yells for help (please note the help is already nearby as I yelled for them 30 seconds prior).

911 is called.

Mom comes to and begins to look a lot better.

Paramedics arrive.

The EMT asks my mom her name and to tell him what happened. She pauses, takes a long hard look my direction, and says with all the drama and effect she can muster, “I told her I did not like that machine.”

Turns out, my mom’s body doesn't like to be inverted. Her blood pressure dropped rather quickly which caused the fainting. As soon as they got her standing up, she was just fine. The moral of the story is twofold. First, when starting a new diet and exercise program, listen to your body. You will likely learn a lot of new things it both likes and dislikes. Second, when you hit a bump in the road, don’t quit! My mom woke up this morning full of energy, ready for the gym, and wanting to know if I had any plans to “try to kill her again.” And the Oscar goes to…

Today’s Mantra: If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

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Re: Paramedics and the gym

Dana, you and your mom are a wonderful inspiration to all of us. Thank you for sharing your story. I love your mantra!

By Katie on   11/14/2013

Re: Paramedics and the gym

Dana, you and your mom are doing great! What an inspiration ya'll are! Good to know from where Dana gets her drama card! Keep it up!

By Maria Tull on   11/14/2013

Re: Paramedics and the gym

Wow! What a story!!! But what tenacity!!!!! I am so proud of what you (and even more so) what your mother are accomplishing! You are making significant progress!!! Changing a life of habits is no easy task and one day at a time, one exercise at a time, one food change at a time, you are forming new habits and a new norm! It speaks volumes that she would have a spell one night and be ready to tackle the gym again the next day. What team of ladies you are. Congrats and can't wait to keep reading about your progress. Thank you both for putting yourself out there and sharing your journey!

By Regina Hartung on   11/14/2013

Re: Paramedics and the gym

Now that I have had the priviledge of meeting you and your mom, this story is now very meaningful to me. Your mom is doing everything you have asked of her and more. Maybe this is one exercise you can call a truce on. Glad your mom is ok and that you both still maintain your wonderful sense of humor. Your blog of your mom's journey is going to inspire so many! I am telling all my patients to read your story. You guys are famous in my neck of the woods!

By Kim Kyle-Trejos on   11/18/2013

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Re: It’s not you, it’s me
Extremely powerful letter with a lot of heart put into it! Amazing progress only a few short weeks and I'm sure this is only the beginning from the words from your letter. Congrats Del!

Re: Time to fly
Congratulations!! You are armed with information and resources and also have a success story worth sharing! What an inspiration! Keep flying high!

Re: New pants
Keep up the good work! And remember, salad is the main meal. Don't let the food industry continue to fool you ie: The beef council, The dairy industry into thinking that you need to eat meat and dairy, which is the worst food you can eat, to stay healthy and get the 'protien' you need. Have you ever seen a skinny, weak hippopotamus or gorilla? They are vegatarians! The calcium in milk is mostly blocked by the fat so your body can't absorb it. Animal protien is a huge causative factor in arthritis. Anyway,good job and stay the course. Btw; Be careful about drugs as they are all toxic to some degree and doctors don't know what they should about them. Use food as a drug,preventative agent.

Re: The doctor is in
Dana and Del - Congratulations to you both! What an accomplishment this boot camp has been, and it is incredible how much you've learned! Knowledge here is power, and it must be such a great feeling to know that you can do this! Keep it up, you are both so inspiring!

Re: A healthy kidnapping
Thank you so much for sharing. My husband found out he was diabetic last year when he ended up in ICU. His blood sugar was 1322. How he survived that I do not know. But he did and the last year has been an uphill battle all the way. I have gotten discouraged with his lack of concern (after the initial shock wore off). But you have given me hope and have lit a fire under me once again to try my best to encourage him once again that he can do this. Thank you so much.

Re: What motivates you
Thanks, I didn't cry until I read this one.... lol KEEP IT UP!

Re: It’s not you, it’s me
"Yes, I have already found someone else. Me." Says Del Weston. 2 words, LOVE IT!

Re: It’s not you, it’s me
60 minutes on the bike!? How fantastic! This letter seems like such a great exercise, and I see your sincerity in every word. You're in the home stretch on this boot camp journey, but I know this will be just the beginning for you. Congratulations!

Re: New pants
Ok so I am SOOOOO late {3 weeks to be exact} coming into this, however let me first say how surpised I am NOT at you two phenomenal women! Del and Dana, you both hold such a significant place in my heart and I must say that I am behind you both 110%!!! Heck, I am even joining you!
Del: 14.8 pounds in 3 weeks?!?! YOU GO GIRL!!! That is amazing! I am so proud of you.
Dana: Did you really have to add in the bit about her curlers? lol And, YES they made a huge difference, whoop whoop! New pants are great, but a healthier you is even better! I do believe that I have found my new favorite read. Keep the updates coming!
Love it and love you both dearly!
Georgia :-)

Re: It’s not you, it’s me
Way to go! What a bold stance you're taking, and we are all so proud of you! Keep it up!